Amazon Grubhub: Tune in and Takeout

My role: Art direction, design, animation

Co-Designer: Carolyn Fezzuoglio
Creative Leads: Kyle Misteravich, Darren Bridges
Copywriters: Maya Harris, Sam Corbin
Project Manager: Emily Lima
Creative Director: Nate Winter

Executive Producer/Food Stylist: Yung Savolainen
Producer/Photographer: Kelly Simos
Associate Producer: Charlie Streit
Tune In & Takeout is a continuous collaboration between Grubhub and Amazon, aimed at showcasing new Prime Video content. This initiative pairs the latest shows and movies with specially curated takeout suggestions, enticing viewers to enjoy a delicious meal while they indulge in their entertainment.

Art Direction

During this specific month, the spotlight was on the show "The Power," which revolves around the theme of women's empowerment. Our aim was to craft an initiative that celebrated this empowering narrative. Because the show centers around women and girl's empowerment literally within their hands, we decided that tacos were a great ode to that. Tacos are bold, fiery, and pack quite the punch in a small package.

When I conceptualized the art direction for the photography shoot, we opted to highlight hands holding tacos rather than solely focusing on the food. This approach subtly hints at themes within the show and inspires diners to partake in the experience by getting their own tacos, too.



Melissa Jedrysiak — Chicago, IL